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This is the production blog, where you can find notes from the Executive Producer, and the Production Assistant on duty the night before the show airs.

Production Blog for October 7, 2008

The Elites, Production Assistants

Dearly beloved we are gathered here on this glorious blog to say our heartfelt goodbyes to those who are no longer with us. Mike, Nate, and Rob you will sadly be missed. Your smiles, laughter, keen sense of all things lovely, and dogs will be in our hearts forever. For many episodes you three held down the fort here at ye ole' SP forming an unbreakable alliance and bond that only the strongest form of Goo Gone could break. That Goo Gone came in the form of fancy new jobs, multi-cam editing and New York City and may I add a side of hardcore New Jersey Underground Punk Music? Mike has moved on to the great assistant's gig in the sky while Rob lives in the Big Apple and Nate, well let's just say Nate smells like alcohol.

We would now like to proudly announce the new era of South Park PA's.?
  • First up there is Kenny "I KNOW!!!! it's ironic I have the same name as a character" Lane.
  • Next up is Kenji "I'm a PA and I drive a BMW" Miwa.
  • There's Gary "I'm not new, but I'm new in the eyes of the lord" Martinez and
  • Steve "I like fart jokes and Cognac" Rippin.

Combined we form the elite force that is the new PA staff here at "The Park" . We are masters of our craft and we are ready to buy the finest tacos in all the land.

Lots of things have been happening here at The Park. Most importantly, we all got new Porsche's from Matt and Trey as a happy summer gift. We also WON AN EMMY!!!! Yes that's correct. You heard correctly. Imaginationland won an Emmy beating Family Guy and some other crap for best-animated program over one hour. We celebrated here with "punch and pie",(booze and booze), in true South Park style? And we may or may not have slammed our Emmy into a cake that may or may not have had a rendering of the Family Guy cast on it.

Anyway, this week's episode deals with a very touchy subject, the Chinese.

This will be a doosey of a show kicking off the second half of season 12. We have been working all summer on this episode. Aw, who am I kidding. We have been working for the last couple days on this episode and you will pee your pants with laughter.

Like the acceptance speeches given at the Emmys I would like to say my thank yous at the end of this blog.
Thank You: Rob, Mike and Nate, New Jobs, Earthquakes, In and Out Trucks, Cactus Cooler, Free Food, The Biddy From That Restaurant That One Time, Audrey II, Miley Cyrus, Helen Miren, The Year and Number 1978, Urban Detox, Casual Conversation With Anyone Who'll Listen, Hot Dogs Wrapped In Bacon, Emmy Parties with Kanye, and of course I can't forget Perez!!! Heyyy... wow that was gay. Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus.

Thank you.

Production Blog of October 14, 2008

Kenny Lane, Production Assistant

Welcome back dear readers!
Well, last week was the first episode of the fall season, and it's seems to have divided America in two. Those who thought it was funny that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were shown graphically raping Indiana Jones, and those who just thought it was super-hilarious. I lean more towards the super-hilarious side myself, but that probably has something to do with the fact that South Park pays my bills (and how I feel about that monkey swing scene with Shia Lebouf).

Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Kenny and I've been a fan of the show since I was 15, and I started working here as a PA last spring. This is me-

So, what's new? Well, we're preparing episode 1209 this week, entitled The Breast Cancer Show Ever. It involves Wendy threatening to beat up Cartman, which causes a stir, seeing as how a girl could never fight a boy and win.
The most interesting thing for me to see while working here is how fast these things are produced. From the beginning of writing the script, to the air date, it's literally less than a week. The writing process begins on Thursday and the tape arrives to Comedy Central on Wednesday (merely a few hours before airing). And this is an animated show!
I don't know how it's possible to get a show together this fast, but I think it has something to do with the extremely talented producers, editors, sound department , storyboard, IT, animation, lip-sync, consultants, voice talent and digital studio departments that we have on staff here.
Did I mention the PA's? We also have the finest PA's here that anyone has ever seen!

Kenji - Graduated from Vassar with a GPA of 7.2

Steve - Winner, Best Performance 2007, at the Oregon Shakespeare festival for his portrayal of King Lear

And Me - beat Michael Phelps in arm wrestling.

Whether it's getting a new LCD screen clear view model CV24 video engine for John, our engineer, or going to Taco Bell for Trey. Nobody does it faster, or sexier, than the PA's here at South Park.

Production Blog for October 21, 2008

Kenji Miwa, Production Assistant

Yo my name is Kenji and I'd like to say, I thank the lord high above because I'm a South Park PA! As the most recent addition to the PA gang, I too can remember loving South Park as a gawky, zit-faced, voice-cracking 8th grader. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could one day work with so many talented people.

This week the gang finds themselves getting dangerously cultural and that's all I'm gonna say.

And for those of you who don't believe that Matt & Trey bought us Porsches, behold!

Kenji and his 2001 Porsche Boxster-S Platinum Edition

Steve and his vintage 1986 Porsche 911 Targa

I know what you're thinking and NO. There's NO POSSIBLE WAY these images could have been photo-shopped. Notice that Steve's Porsche is clearly behind his upper left thigh, a technique requiring mad photoshop skillz that no PA can possess.

As for Gary and Kenny, their automobiles may be featured in the next blog?

Right now an eerie silence permeates the studio which can only mean that the crew is head deep in an uber productive all-nighter. I'll probably get off at 4 am while my late-night heterosexual PA partner Steve will be in for the long haul around 7 am, yikes!.

And finally I'd like to say thanks to all you international fans out there! Isn't the internet swell because it lets you watch your favorite shows? We PA's appreciate your support and encouragement during these tumultuous and exciting times at the Park. Truly, each day/night is better than the next!

Production Blog 10/28/2008

Steve Rippin, Production Assistant

Good evening everyone! PA Steve here to fill you in on all things South Park this week. So, as most of you know, we have a big group sleep/ work over at South Park on Tuesday nights to finish the show. Sometimes, at 4 a.m., Matt and Trey call upon my expert vocal services to lay down some background voices for characters that they don't have time or want to do.

This week with everyone in South Park getting startled, there is bound to be a need for a lot of screaming, yelling, and yelping people. Which is where I come in. Along with various storyboard artists and animators, I get to moonlight as an ADR artist. We are called in to lay down the background tracks that you hear on the show. So every time you hear a soldier yell or a man scream feel free to send me or some of my colleagues a digital pat on the back. It's surreal to be recording with Matt. Those of you who are religious South Park watchers like myself can imagine how amazing it is to be in the room when he busts out a Terrance or Phillip voice or other classic characters, like Butters! The 4 a.m. recording time is something to get used to but it beats sleeping.

Me, practicing my soldier yell, Gary doesn't seem startled, but he will be.

In other news, Halloween is approaching and needless to say we are very excited. Eric Stough brought in a rather large scarecrow with a crazy pumpkin head to hangout in our foyer. It makes a great addition to the office and it will scare away the damn crows that keep flying around my desk.


This week's blog is all over the place but there are a lot of cool things that have happened that I want to fill you in on. Hot Dog Cart!! We had a hot dog truck grace us with its presence at work today. I prefer to call it the yum yum delicious truck that brings joy to my belly but that's neither here nor there. After a 90 hour plus week hot dogs are delicious meat treats that either make you pass out due to food coma or give you that extra boost you need to finish one of the craziest episodes of the season. I am currently writing this deep in the middle of a food coma. Coma aside we are very excited about Pandemic 2: The Startling? I'm so startled!!!!

That is all for this weeks bloggy. I have to go practice screaming and yelling like a soldier. Can't wait to read your comments, yes I can read. If you have any questions leave them there and I'll try to get to them this week. Also I want to know what everyone is going as for Halloween. I am going as Satan from the show, dildo and Saddam not included. That's it, Thank You, Good Night, God Bless, Good Luck, Adios and Seeee Yaaaaaa.


Production Blog 11/04/2008

Steve Rippin, Production Assistant

Hello boggers in blogger world. PA Steve here with your weekly helping of South Park. Last week "Pandemic 2 : The Startling" aired and I wanted to introduce you to the stars of the show. I would have never guessed that early in my career at South Park, I would be a part of a rare and amazing live action extravaganza. We had some very big, important stars come in and read for the monster Guinea Pig roles but we ended up going all out and getting the real thing. Enter Radcliff, Shaymus, Guinevere and Titan who were flown in from Papa New Guinea, (ironic? I think so). Each star, in his or her own right, proved to be a bit demanding. Aside from talking back to Matt and Trey and pooping on the carpet, Guinevere demanded fresh carrots cut into cubes every hour on the hour. Titan requested 14 bottles of Jack Daniels, a poster of Miley Cyrus, and a private screening of High School Musical III. Radcliff was easy going as long as he was watching rerun episodes of Steven Bochco's 1990 mega flop Cop Rock but, Shaymus refused to work unless he could see or hear a football game. When it came for Lights! Camera! Action!, they were breathtaking. Their brilliant performance, whether they were nibbling or slowly walking, is what made the "Pandemic" episodes so special. Pictures below will put names to furry faces and give you an idea of how we made "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2" possible.

Guinevere, Radcliff and Titan making love to the camera?and each other.

Shaymus, laying down on the job! Go Buckaneers!!

Shaymus II, looking sad because he couldn't see the football game. Time to work lil guy!!!

Titan, dressed as a Bunny, working hard under the hot lights. It's obviously not easy being a star.

That's all for this week from me, here's Kenny with a lil more sweet South Park lovin'.

Production Blog 11/04/2008

Kenny Lane, Production Assistant

Hey there South Park-orinos!!!!!

Thanks for checking back in with us. Hope all is well? Sincerely, I hope that. How's your week been? I want all of you to let me know how you're doing. Yes, that's right, I want you to comment on this blog and tell me about yourselves. Feel free to also tell me how awesome I am.

This is definitely not a ploy to see which one of the PA's can get more comments on their blog than the others.

Gary, Steve, Dave, and I, most certainly did not make a bet to see who the fans of the show think is the funniest/best-looking/smartest out of the PA's here at South Park. Did I mention how great I think you all are? Well, I think that. And I'm Kenny. The PA.

Anywho, tonight's a big night here at South Park. In case you haven't heard, America will be deciding who will be our next president*. But, more importantly, the staff here at South Park will be up all night working on Wednesday's show. Which means we, the PA's, have been given the noble task of giving the staff updates throughout the night on the election. This is a very big deal, since the premise of tomorrow's show may or may not depend entirely on the outcome. Who ever said, "South Park isn't topical" was lying through there teeth if you ask me. (No one said that. And no one asked me.)

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to count some more votes. (And by that, I mean go to Baja Fresh for Trey.)

*I just found out today but apparently George W. Bush is the president of the United States!

Production Blog Update

David Madson, Production Assistant

Dear You,

For those of you wondering the outcome of Kenny's bet, (see last entry), it was I, David, the new PA here at the fantastic South Park Studios resort and casino who has won. And in accordance to the rules and regulations, as the funniest/best-looking/smartest of the PAs, it is my sworn duty to update you, the devoted South Park follower, on the latest goings-on.

After a week's worth of activities, I think it's safe to say the daily requirements of a PA at South Park are like those of any other studio. By 9 am the coffee must be made, the printers filled with paper, the kitchen restocked and the mud-wrestling pit re-moistened. Then its time for making runs, (to drop-off and pickup), the destinations for which can be as diverse as accounting firms, Comedy Central, the supermarket, rehab, prison, Hell, the ER, and of course the post office. Catered meals must be ready on time or I take a beating from my supervisor. Ironically this only happens to new PAs named David who were born in 1985 and who bear a striking resemblance to no one in particular.

Anyway its time to get you amped for this Wednesday's episode.

Do you like music? dancing? school? Then see High School Musical 3. However if you like rich satire on music and dancing and school, then don't miss tomorrow's episode. Matt, Trey and the entire crew are, as always, working on no hours sleep. Everyone is charged by Red Bull, coffee, and a delicious Penne pasta mixed with sun dried tomato, a dash of julienned basil, sprinkled with pine nuts, with a touch of aged Balsamic, and lovingly garnished with olive oil.

These guys are on the edge, sacrificing an entire evening of sitting naked on the sofa with a brew viewing whatever cheap hackneyed humor TV has on a Tuesday night to make us, AMERICA, keel over with laughter. This of course means its best for me, the new PA, a stranger in their midst, not to make any sudden movements.

Hope you guys enjoy yourselves tomorrow night! LATERS.

Production Blog Season Finale

Gary Martinez, Production Assistan

If I could turn back time?

Just in time for the holidays, we come to the end of another great season. In approximately 72 hours from this posting, most of the South Park crew will be looking back on Season 12 through the bottom of a pint glass. Or if you're Steve, Kenny, or David, it'll be through a midori sour snifter. They can't get enough of those things. Regardless, it's well deserved after 7 weeks of backbreaking hours that make even the top Navy S.E.A.L.S. cringe. And by the way, how awesome is that movie? Just hearing Mr. Big's 'Strike Like Lightning' makes me want to do pushups in the rain. Anyway?

Some of the readers out there ask, 'how can I work for South Park? I know I'm not as awesome as Gary, but give me a shot! Damn, look at his thighs.' Let me give you some words of advice. Squats, squats, squats. That and a love of Ritmo Latino.

Now, rather than give you the 12 best things to happen in Season 12, I want you to give you the 12 things not to do around Matt or Trey if you ever come into contact with them, in or outside of the office. You never know, it may come in handy one day.

12. Call Matt 'Trey', or vice versa.
11. Make fun of people who like KFC or Taco Bell.
10. Follow them to the bathroom and hand them a script under the stall.
9. Fart, then say 'I fah-ted!' a la Terence and Philip.
8. Ask them to sign something, and if you're lucky enough to get them to sign something, reply with a disappointed sigh.
7. Ask them to listen while you "do" Cartman for them.
6. Tell them how great the MPAA is.
5. Ask them if they ever party with Seth MacFarlane.
4. Tell them, 'remember that time you (insert something here from"Baseketball)"and then say 'that was so awesome!'
3. Sing 'America, Fuck Yeah,' Especially before introducing yourself.
2. Rag on the Denver Broncos.
1. Forget to tell them how awesome the PA Blog is.

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned this week's episode. It's great. You should watch it!

So now that we are coming to an end, I want to share some pictures with you that I have gathered over that last few months. We look forward to your comments. See you for another great season of South Park in March 2009!!

Kenny getting ready for our Fiesta Mixer.

Nate (former PA turned Ass. Editor) with his pony lap desk.

A Starbucks employee who stayed on her break instead of helping her coworkers with our 65 latte order. It's called teamwork, look it up.

Kenny right before invented the sexual maneuver known as the 'Buckeye.'

Steve, trying his hand at bird wrangling. Pun intended.

This blog is dedicated to Nate (1979-2007), RIP. Goth for life my friend. Goth for life.