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Jimmy Valmer
Jimmy is a fellow classmate of the boys, originally introduced to us when the boys were in Boy Scouts. He is "Handi-Capable" and enjoys using his disabilities as an advantage during his stand-up comedy routines.

The boys usually come to him for jokes and advice, as he tends to have a super positive outlook on life. He briefly took steroids to train for the Special Olympics, and was also a part of the comedy team that made the "fishsticks" joke....aka the greatest joke of all time.

Cure De Gars

Season 18: Grounded Vindaloop
Cartman tells the boys about his latest prank on Butters.

The Terrance & Phillip Mobile Game

Season 18: Freemium Isn't Free
At Jimmy's suggestion, Kyle tries out the new Terrance and Phillip mobile game.

A Dying Breed

Season 17: Black Friday
Stan and his Playstation army discuss their battle plans.
Tags: Jimmy, Stan

Fist Bump Bro

Season 17: World War Zimmerman
Cartman is a little too excited to see Token at school.

Parental Locks Aren't Working

Season 17: Informative Murder Porn
The boys discover how their parents have gotten around the locks they've placed on murder porn.
Tags: Kyle, Tweek, Jimmy, Stan


Season 16: Obama Wins!
With Butters in the hospital the boys swing by to grill him for information.

This Is An Outrage!!!

Season 16: A Scause for Applause
Stan is accused of super-gluing his bracelet, and not standing his ground.

A Wereprechaun

Season 16: A Nightmare on Face Time
Randy's big Halloween promotion gets in the way of Stan's trick-or-treating plans.

By The Power of Christ, We Sue You!

Season 16: Reverse Cowgirl
Led by the boys' lawyer, the suance begins.